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Welcome to Bayside Turf and Irrigation.
With water becoming a more precious commodity, with drought and water restrictions across the country,  we have the solutions to allow you to maintain healthy lush lawns and gardens.

Under ground concrete tanks placed under driveways , paving , lawns and gardens harvesting all your storm water can solve these problems, we specialize in harvesting your storm water , and storing it for when you need it.  We  can design and supply a seamless system were, the storm water is filtered, and pumped into your  existing irrigation system or a complete new system designed and supplied by bayside turf and irrigation. We can also connect to  automatic pool fillers to top your pool up, install garden taps and connect to toilets , the possibilities are end less.

Each project is delivered by a dedicated and professional experienced team , from design stage to implementation, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and completed previous works.

All our projects are fixed price contracts and are delivered on time.

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